Monday, October 8, 2012

Don't judge me. I've been busy.

So, I guess if you have read my blog, you have noticed that I haven't posted in a LONG time!! Approximately 9 months, to be exact.
Well, a brief update:
  • I hurt my knee, and I had to put exercise on hold for a few months to recuperate it. As a result, I did not get to run in a half marathon. Training will begin again this winter. Stay tuned, and hold me accountable!
  • We traveled a LOT during the summer. I got a new baby niece, Lila (presh x10). We got up to Boise, ID to see her. We saw my family for 2 weeks, went to Mexico, had a nice little reunion with the whole Sharp clan in Denver, and had some fun at the cabin in New Mexico with friends. We were out of town more than in town this summer! 
  • Sadly, my precious cousin, Theresa, lost her battle with osteosarcoma this summer at the age of 18. We have been praying for healing for her, and she ultimately got it by being received, completely healed, into the arms of Christ in Heaven.
  • We sold Austin's beloved Jetta - THANK GOD!!! I wasn't necessarily the biggest fan of "the Jet". 
  • I am still staying active in my book club! I LOVE those girls! :) 
  • We are trying to become more active in our church. We have grown so much as a result of our small group and our Sunday School class. We are so grateful for our Hillside family, who have encouraged, inspired, and uplifted us!
  • We have adopted a stow-away kitty, named "the cat". She rode along under Austin's hood next to his engine, unbeknownst to him, and we are trying to convince Austin that God wants us to keep "the cat". Edith is indifferent to her, and Chloe thinks she needs to eat her. So, we are progressing well.
  • We have adopted the "Cook for a month... or three" mindset for cooking. I have now accomplished two large crock-pot meal assembly days. We are LOVING IT!!! Post with recipes forth-coming. 
  • I have been in crafting-craze mode since May. I somehow sweet-talked Austin into letting me get a new sewing machine, and I am IN LOVE!!!! ahhhhhh.... the sweet nothings that machine has whispered to me since I bought it.... I have made skirts, baby clothes, burp cloths, blankies galore, bibs, bedding, and many other projects with my new machine. It is SO much better than my little Wal-Mart machine I have had for 9 years. I have also spent quality time with my glue-gun lately. I have made fall wreaths for my front doors and baby headbands. (Which I am obsessed with making!! They are WAY cute!!
  • Austin and I both bought new guns! Yay! So fun!
  • We celebrated our second anniversary! 

I'm sure there are many other very interesting things that have happened, but for now, I will just leave you with photo evidence of the things described. :)

My new smith&wesson 38spcl revolver!
 All of the "Nash" girls at the beach!
Austin & I at the beach in Tybee Island, Ga with my family
We got some special time to catch up with old friends while in Georgia
Beautiful photo of my beautiful cousin, Theresa. We miss you.
 My new Sewing Machine!!! Viking Emerald... ahhh... So lovely!!
And let the projects begin!!

Burp cloths (rolled up) and receiving blankie for my friend, Lindsay
Little bibs for Lila
Bibs and Burp cloths for Sweet baby James (Troy and Becky's baby due next month!)
Bench cushion for my sweet mother-in-law, Stacy - I might post about this later... It is now in their bedroom at the foot of their bed.  
An unfolded picture of one of the burp cloths... Might do a post on bibs and burpies
My chevron skirt I made for myself in an hour... No pattern... I need to hem it, but I think it turned out alright!
My two-toned infinity scarf! I still need to make a couple of these for some friends...

My cork-stoppers made from rocks bought in Red River
 My fall wreaths!! It's amazing what you can do with hot-glue!! I LOVED this burlap ribbon they had on sale at Hobby Lobby (aka my home away from home)
Baby headbands! A friend asked me if I could try to replicate a headband she saw on a photographer's website, and I quickly became OBSESSED with making these pretty little things... I think I just love that I can make something pretty in about 5 minutes for almost no money... It's instant gratification!
I really love how the peacock feather band turned out!

I want to do a post with a picture of some of the precious babies who are modeling these around town. :)
 We LOVED our time with sweet baby Lila! (These photos are from a few occasions) - Note the little pillow-case dress... Courtesy of yours' truly :)
Lila is so spiritual
 You can tell Austin has just the right touch, huh? haha.
 We got to hit up a few winery's/vineyards while in Idaho! So fun!

 Fun at the cabin! Excuse me, I mustache you...
 Book club is still going strong!! We LOVE our time together and especially Lindsay's cookies!! :)

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