Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mind, Body, Spirit

I have decided that the battle between my laziness and commitments come in a package of three. 1-Mind. 2-Body. 3-Spirit. It doesn't matter which it starts with, but it seems like if I slack in one area, the others suffer. On the flip-side, when I am committed to one area, the others excel! For example, when I stop working out, I also seem to (sub-consciously) stop reading Scripture and stop challenging myself with reading books/scholarly articles/or participating in healthy debates. However, when I am committed to working out, reading Scripture, challenging myself mentally, etc., the other areas seem to just fall into place. It's amazing how this really does work! I first noticed it a few years ago when I got a trainer and lost 30lbs. I never felt stronger in my relationship with the Lord, and I felt like I was participating in activities that were really challenging me to learn and grow more as a well-rounded human. The past year, I struggled so much in my job that it affected me very strongly spiritually. I noticed that I started eating poorly and exercising less and less. I also stopped challenging my mind and became addicted to watching television (dang Netflix and your ever-widening selection). Even though wonderful things were happening all around me, I was unable to enjoy or fully appreciate the beauty in life because I was too lazy to lift my eyelids enough to experience it!

Now that I am in a new job and no longer under the oppression of the last one, I have a renewed sense of commitment to improving myself! I have joined Cross-fit (my hamstrings and back are killing me today!), and I'm trying to train for a half-marathon in March. I have also started a "read through the Bible in one year" plan. (I am already feeling challenged and convicted while experiencing the comfort in spending time with my Heavenly Father). I am attempting to spend less time in front of the television and more time crafting/sewing/reading/blogging/etc. My book club is helping with the reading, Pinterest is helping with the crafting, and YOU are helping with the blogging! :)

I'm excited to see the results of being committed to my whole self. Mind. Body. Spirit. Keep me accountable, ok?! Now, off to the gym to see how I will be strengthened today!

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