Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So, how WAS the first year of marriage?!

Well, I'll tell ya, I think it was a blast. Of course there are the expected ups and downs that make up the human experience, but for the most part, I think we have grown spiritually and as a couple more than I thought was possible! The best analogy I can come up with is snow skiing. Bare with me (or is it bear?)... You know, when you're riding that chair lift up to the top of the slope, there is so much anticipation and hope and uncertainty about what lies ahead: this was our dating/engagement period. Then, you are at the top of the mountain, so excited to take the run and feel the rush of doing what you were waiting so patiently for. You can see the beauty of the scenery at the peak, and you are filled with excitement and promise for a wonderful time: this is the honeymoon. Then, you take off! You start skiing, and it is so fun!! You feel the release of energy from all that had built up, and you feel like all of the anticipation was worth it! Then, all of a sudden, you fall! Out of nowhere, you don't even know what you hit, but you are tumbling down the mountain, maybe hitting rocks, trees, other skiers, etc on your way down: this is your first fight (fights). But once you're done tumbling, you rest on the cool snow, looking up into the sky, realizing you might be a little bruised, but you are not broken. Then you start to laugh. You realize you had simply lost your footing temporarily when you hit a twig, and even though the fall was a little scary and hurt, you are ok, and you will really love skiing. So, you get up and head down the mountain with a little more perspective and more concentration to notice the twigs when they come in your path.: this is conflict resolution. Then you are able to enjoy the remainder of your ski experience! Then, I suppose, once you reach the bottom of the mountain, you take the chair-lift up to.... pregnancy...? Maybe someday... Any thoughts?

                               The Sharps: Skiing 2011

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