Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Who are the Sharps? Why do they need a blog?

We are just a couple of crazy kids trying to make it in this crazy world! We got married in October of 2010, and the day after our honeymoon, we made the cross-country trek to Amarillo, Tx with our dog, Edith, where we set up our home and began our journey! We met when we were young pups, both living in Amarillo. We were best buds for many years, living in different parts of the country (at times, different parts of the world), but we always stayed true to our friendship... Until we realized, through super-natural promptings, that we were life-long friends for a reason! So, we added in a dash of romance and a hefty dose of commitment, and we pledged ourselves to each other as he-spouse and she-spouse til death do us part! It's been a fun time so far, and I have to say, I'm a fan of this whole marriage institution. We love Jesus, we love fun, and we love our life!

So, we don't need a blog for any particular reason, but I think it's fun to be able to document some of the insanity that is our lives for our out-of-town friends and family to be able to laugh, smirk, mock, or respond in any way they deem appropriate! Hopefully it'll be, at least, mildly entertaining, and perhaps a little informative at times too! I might just throw in some fun historical facts about these peeps named Austin and Lizzy (that's us)! Regardless of your motive, thanks for stopping by!

                       Just a typical day in the life of Sharps!
                         (Austin is the one with the boobs)

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