Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Advocare - Day 2

Well, I actually came back for a second day... just 22 more to go! :)

Yesterday went mostly as planned except I didn't get to do my beastly workout on the tower 200 like I had planned. I ended up stuck in a meeting for an hour and a half at the end of the day and barely had enough time to eat dinner before our small group from church started.

I feel like I want to share a little synopsis of our discussion last night at small group before talking about the diet again. We studied the passage in Luke 14:12-14. It talks about not hosting dinner parties for people simply because they will, in turn, host you and pay you back. Instead, we are called to host people in our homes and minister to people who have no means by which they could ever pay us back. We are called to love the unlovely, minister to the undesirable, and share our lives with people who have nothing to offer us. As we were studying this, all of these memories from my childhood started flooding back to me of the countless groups of people my mom would always invite to our home. We had foreign exchange students, mentally/physically challenged people, widows, homeless, impoverished... all types of people in our home at all time. They shared holiday meals with us. Their children played with us. They went out on our boat with us. My mom was so generous to multiple groups of people who would never have had those opportunities otherwise! I have no idea why I had blocked this out or failed to see the value in the lesson my mom taught me my whole life through her example. Today, I sit completely convicted and challenged about what I am to do with this calling! I'm praying for God to show me MY unexpected company.

Ok, so, the diet... Is going well! It's incredible how addicted to certain types of foods I am!! I actually THOUGHT about taking a bite of a friend's cheddar pepper. Then, I almost devoured a tray of brownies at small group! BUT, you would be so proud, I only took large sniffs and walked away! They say half of the joy of eating is smelling... I don't know if I really agree, but I can say, I fought temptation!

This morning, the fiber drink didn't go down quite as smoothly as I would have hoped, but I got it down. I ate the same breakfast as yesterday, and for lunch I am eating lean beef, a tablespoon of guacamole, an apple, fresh snap peas, and a cutie orange. Dinner will be a little trickier! We are going to one of my favorite restaurants for a friend's birthday dinner, and I am going to have to be very strategic about what I order! I am thinking a spring salad and a lean meat appetizer.... ugh. My favorite thing on the menu is their raspberry and walnut crusted salmon on a bed of creamy risotto with grilled asparagus... Although that sounds very healthy... it isn't... The salmon is pan seared in a great deal of oil, the risotto is made with heavy cream, and the asparagus is also pan seared in a ton of oil. Not quite so healthy! DAMN!!! Oh well... It's only temporary, right?!

Challenge schedule today: Spark 30 min before breakfast, fiber drink and oatmeal for breakfast, pineapple and blueberries for snack, spark 30 min before lunch, lean beef and veggies and fruit for lunch, cutie oranges and almonds for snack, spring salad with chicken for dinner with OmegaPlex, Herbal cleanse pills at bedtime. LOTS of water during the day!!! 

The benefits I see as of today: I feel clean (on the inside). I have energy. I have not been hungry once (probably because I am stuffing my face every 15 minutes... or so it feels). I feel like I can do this and stick with it!

See you tomorrow!

Salmon with risotto :(

Spring salad and lean meat


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