Friday, April 26, 2013

Advoare - Day 4

Ok, so, maybe I didn't do the diet as well as I should have yesterday... but it totally could've been worse!! I had forgotten that I had a lunch meeting yesterday where they served lunch. I was able to request a salad, but the salad came with cheese and a creamy dressing.... oops!!! I ended up using as little of the dressing as possible and tried to pick out a lot of the cheese... Which, if you know me, was one of the hardest things for me to do! I LOVE CHEESE. like, LOVE. OBSESSED!!! It is my second favorite food... French fries are my first. Ridiculous. All of this to say, even though I had a little of the forbidden foods, I still exercised restraint and stuck to my plan as well as possible. I could have selected a sandwich smothered in cheese with a side of fries... So, I'm not beating myself up over a teaspoon of dressing and a little cheese!

Today, I am following the plan! This morning, I had my Probiotic Restore Ultra with a spark and ate whole, uncut oatmeal again... No fiber drink on the schedule today!! Thank God!! I have a few days off from that. For lunch, I will eat what I had planned to eat yesterday. Lean beef with veggies and fruit. I will eat almonds and fruit for snacks. I honestly have no idea what I will make for dinner... We are having friends over tonight, so it needs to be tasty but still fit into my cleanse.... hmmmmm..... I'll still take the omegaplex and herbal cleanse tablets tonight before bed.

 I'll let you know what I come up with for dinner!! I'm curious, myself, at this point!

No interesting thoughts or words of wisdom today. Just food. Hmph. See you later!

I'll just leave you with images of my two loves... I miss them, but I want to be thin and healthy more!!!


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