Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Advocare - Day 22

I haven't mentioned this, but I have actually been doing well with working out every day. I have been trying to do a total body tone each day. I've walked hills on my treadmill while working on my pilates/ballet arms poses. I then do some abs and lunges/squats to get everything a little more toned. Austin mentioned yesterday that he is really starting to see a difference in how I am looking.. wow!! That is good news!! I am sitting at a almost 7lb loss at this point... I only have 2 more official days on the challenge, but I am going to carry it out until Saturday, when we go to Las Vegas... We leave from Las Vegas to go to Mexico to an all-inclusive resort with some friends on Tuesday, so I'll have 10 days of diet-free living. I am still going to try to reign it in so I don't ruin all of the progress I have done so far.

Today I woke up pretty late, so I just had some fiber cereal with my MNS packs and Spark. I ate fruit for lunch with MNS packs. I'm going to eat scrambled eggs in a whole wheat tortilla for dinner with some fresh salsa. I have to bake some brownies for small group tonight, so I better get going to do that... I WILL NOT eat the brownies though!!! :) See you tomorrow!

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