Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Advocare - Day 16

I woke up pretty late this morning since I didn't have much to do at work today. I took my MNS packs and drank my spark and meal replacement... I am meeting friends for lunch today, so I need to think hard about what is more important to me: losing weight or eating something comforting. I need to make the right choice. I don't have more weight I can sacrifice on food. It's not worth it!!

I think the thing that has killed me with the weight loss is that I haven't had time to exercise like I should be. I have had work every day and then commitments every evening... Some days I have had time in between work and my evening commitments, but I have chosen not to exercise because I don't want to shower again and dry my hair again and apply make-up again.... etc. ugh. I need to get over it and realize that it is worth it!!! After Friday, I will not have any commitments for the last week of the challenge, and I plan to exercise every day.

I am planning on eating a salad and a lean meat for lunch, and I will cook chicken and veggies for dinner tonight.

I think I can lose another 2-3 lbs by the end of this - which will bring my total weight loss to 8-9 lbs... which I think is a good number. I was hoping for 10, but I need to own up to my own short-comings and be proud of the weight I have lost!

To reach my goal weight, I will have another 14-15 lbs to lose. I am going to try to keep blogging and hold myself accountable until I reach my goal. It's time to stop letting that weight be a fantasy... It's time to make it a reality. There is no excuse!!

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