Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Advocare - Day 17 - Seventeen... It's like strawberry wi-iiiine...

Haha. So I haven't thought about that song in FOREVER!! I LOVED that song!! I used to sing it all over the place... Of course, I had NO idea what that song was about. You should look it up on iTunes or Pandora and have yourself a little bit of nostalgia! ;)

So, I haven't "blogged" the last few days, but I've been keeping my notes up and I am catching up on the online documentation NOW!

Thursday I did the same thing I've done the last several days... MNS packs, meal replacement shake, salad for lunch... yada, yada... Except, I sort of cheated a little at dinner... I had a meeting for our Junior League, here in Amarillo, and they always serve dinner at the meetings. Usually they are pretty health conscious... I mean, it's a bunch of beautiful women trying to keep their figures. But this night, they served lasagna! YUMMMM... I ate a small piece and had a lot of the salad. I skipped the bread and only ate a bite of the dessert, but lasagna definitely did not fit the challenge plan!

Weight loss today: 6 lbs (still)

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