Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Advocare - Day 15

Yesterday was pretty much a bust. I started out good. I took my MNS packs and my meal replacement shake... and then I had a very frustrating meeting... and then I had our pinning ceremony for our graduating nursing students (which is fun and special, but rather stressful on all of us who are trying to plan it and execute it)... Soooo.... I ate a schlotzky's sandwich, a cookie, a large cup of yogurt with chocolate chips in it, and I ate a piece of garlic bread before my chicken caesar salad last night at Napoli's. ARGH!!! Why am I such an emotional eater?!?! This is something that NEEDS to be broken!!! This morning, I paid for it on the scale and felt like such a failure... I have worked so hard, and I threw away some of it all in one day!! I gained half of a pound... ugh. It's not worth it to just eat whatever I want!!! I HAVE to think about it and work hard on developing self-control and better ways of coping with stress.

I told y'all I would be honest about this! I'm a little ashamed, but I need to be honest about it... So, my total weight loss is down to 6.2lbs instead of nearly 7. ugh. I need to really work hard for the next 7 days!!

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